Park My Names presents in-depth reviews of domain parking companies. Our website will help you find the best places to park your domain names.  We provide reviews of the best domain name parking companies. This site provides valuable free information on domain parking, domain development services and monetizing traffic from domain names.

Featured Domain Parking Companies

  • Above Parking Manager - not a parking company but automatically identifies the best performing parking service for every domain name in your portfolio to maximize your domain parking revenue. Use multiple parking companies such as Domain Sponsor, Voodoo, Bodis, Fabulous and others. Compare earnings from the top domain parking companies in a single report.
  • Domain Sponsor - uses a keyword optimization system to analyze the best keywords to produce maximum monetization for your name. Mobile traffic optimization to cash in on mobile users. Effective landing pages.
  • Voodoo is a parking company that is already highly rated because they pay good for your domain traffic. Google advertising fee. Select from one or two click landers and auto optimization. Performs well with all types of traffic. Voodoo pays for multiple clicks on your domain from the same user - earning you more.
  • SmartName - Some domainers are moving their domain names to SmartName and seeing a significant improvement in earnings. They are switching to SmartName’s eCommerce templates and creating SEO-friendly Shopping sites. SmartName offer three options for your domain name traffic: Domain Parking, eCommerce and Content sites. Sell your domain names at AfterNic. SmartName is a free parking service from Name Media.
  • NameDrive - Park and sell your domain names. Google advertising feed. Sleek templates. Approval is not required. Sign up and start parking your domain names today.
  • Bodis – Good things are happening at Bodis. A Google advertising feed, your choice of one or two click landers, a for sale inquiry system and many new features were added. Great for International and Expired Traffic.  Fully automated system. Unique hourly reporting.  Payments with no minimum payout amount.  Setup an account instantly, no tedious approval process.
  • The Complete List - Over 65+ places to park your domain names, develop domain names and to get paid for your domain name traffic. We maintain the largest and most up to date list of domain parking companies on the web.
  • Affiliate Programs - LIST of leading advertising networks and affiliate programs to monetize your sites. Includes reviews of Google AdSense, YPN, AdBrite, ClickBank, Link Share, Clicksor, Commission Junction, eBay, Chitika and Amazon's Affiliate Program. Use as your advertising provider or make referral income by adding affiliate links to your web pages.

How Does Domain Parking Work?

Domain parking is a simple way to make money from your undeveloped domain names. Your domain names will display targeted advertising links generated by a parking company. When visitors click the advertising links you receive credit.

Your domain parking success depends on three factors - how many domain names you own, the quality of your domains and the sources of your traffic.  Try several parking companies with different types of advertising feeds to find the best performing platforms for your individual domain names.

Can Parked Domain Names Be Sold?

Yes, you have the option to sell your domain names at most parking companies through an inquiry link placed on your parking page or a marketplace. This is how many domain names are sold - to buyers who make offers from a parking page or purchase through a marketplace.

Parking can help you sell more names and allows you to earn revenue from your domain names while they are for sale. If you do not want to sell a name you can keep the for sale link off your pages.

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